Practice Areas

Practice Areas

We have extensive experience giving legal advice to domestic and international corporations and institutions. We offer thorough legal advice, and our specialized practice disciplines include commercial law, corporate law, civil law, labor law, tax law, intellectual property, telecommunications and technology, oil and gas, administrative law, white collar crimes, environmental law, foreign trade, dumping, subsidies and safeguards. We give legal advice regarding foreign investments, mergers and acquisitions, international transactions, financial business, baking law, capital market, and public tenders. The practices that distinguish are firm are:

Mergers and Acquisitions

We offer pre-acquisition risk assessment, including the determining of objectives and priorities; and we develop a solid team with accountants and investment advisors. We identify those contractual documents needed to retain the clients and personnel of the acquired organization. We negotiate efficiently, always acknowledging the business objectives. We provide our clients with legal advice as regards the election of the best acquisition structuring, including the purchase of assets, stock, corporate merger, acquisition of goodwill, and other complex issues. We present an analysis of the most efficient structuring from a tax viewpoint, guaranteeing the support of the best local specialists in the subject. We participate in the process of obtaining the appropriate governmental approvals if necessary. Our teams guarantee to conduct a high quality and highly efficient due diligence process. If the operation includes intellectual property matters, we are also qualified to provide quality service supported by the best specialists available. Our integrated client guidance during the process includes the negotiation of all contractual documents related to the acquisition, the right distribution of risks between the buyer and the seller, the appropriate transfer of personnel – if applicable –, the written documentation of the corporate aspects of the purchase, its closing and an adequate follow up of any post-closing duties. When necessary, our experts may conduct post-closing litigation.

Product Liability

A decade of experience defending manufacturers and their products, together with our academic education in the United States, support our credentials in the field. We have participated in the defense of breast implants, anticoagulants, pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, agrochemicals, balanced food, cosmetics, seeds and home appliances, among others. We know how to administer any and all aspects of products mass claims, beyond the judicial or extrajudicial decision. We apply ground-breaking remedies, adapting –when necessary – international or “multijurisdictional” solutions. We are familiar with international practices in this field; we adapt them to our local reality and turn them into solutions for our clients.

Consumer Protection

Identifying, training, suggesting. We guide leading companies when dealing with consumer protection issues. We always accompany our clients, and this allows us to identify problems and suggest solutions. We also perform in-depth studies of the subject and are actively involved in training forums for operators (attorneys, corporate officers, customer service centers) and in law revision forums. By being proactive we help our clients promote their business.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

We are litigation attorneys. We took the lead in the defense of some of the most complex and high-profile cases of in the last decade. Our panoramic approach, step-by-step strategic planning and obsession over every detail, coupled with solid training are our banners. We have vast experience in contractual commercial litigation and damages resulting from manufactured products. With the new collective claims (“class action lawsuits”), we lead the way with our specialization as well as with our key contacts in the most renowned international organizations.

General Practice

Panoramic approach and strategic coordination. Our experience in the judiciary and as counsels for leading companies is the basis for our advice in highly complex contractual issues. In a world of great professional specialization, a panoramic approach is required to appreciate the overall business. Without leaving our specializations aside, we have not forgotten such approach. We, therefore, affirm our role as main trustworthy advisor in complex business, coordinating teams of experts when necessary. We serve as a primary legal contact for our clients helping them identify specialists and communicate with them efficiently.

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