We are committed to delivery excellence in all our practices which cover the spectrum of general practice, mergers and acquisitions, civil and commercial litigation, product liability and consumer protection. We offer clients extensive domestic and international experience supported by our intense academic activity. We provide advice based on our profound understanding of your business and supported by our creative vision, study and research. We facilitate and not impede client business. All of which is delivered within a solid ethical commitment.

Our experienced team has a strong international and multicultural profile. Foreign and local organizations are benefited by our understanding of the local market and our experience in cultural differences and multilingual backgrounds. We have extensive experience in traditional areas of daily business advice such as commercial law, corporate law, tax law, labor law and litigation; as well as other specific areas such as high complexity litigation, banking and financial law, oil and gas, telecommunications, criminal and environmental law.

Our firm is the result of the fusion of offices and individuals that successfully served clients within their practices and that have joined forces to provide clients with integrated legal services.

Our Principles and Values:

  • Fluency: We are part of your business. That is the reason why our communication has to be flawless. We know how to, and we want to provide legal solutions that promote your business.
  • Accessibility: We are aware that the first requisite to quality service is availability and easy access. That is our commitment.
  • Simplicity: Our past experience as members of the judiciary and as corporate attorneys helps us to promptly diagnose the problems. We simplify complexity.
  • Involvement: We team with our clients. The client has a lot at stake and must be a part of the process.
  • Specialization: We are highly specialized within our practice. We lead the Argentine market of mergers and acquisitions, product liability and consumer protection and we have established key contacts in the most renowned international organizations.
  • Innovation: We are dedicated to finding solutions catered to the specific needs of our clients.
  • Quality and Integration: Our model is based on quality as well as the academic background of our team, a constant investment in human and technological resources and a high degree of horizontal integration. We invest time and effort in understanding our client’s business, its needs, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Commercial Approach: We include a commercial approach to our legal advice and our knowledge of different business cultures in order to reduce transaction costs or in order to contact a foreign organization.
  • Strategic Planning: We accompany our clients when designing strategies; we create different tactical scenarios and help them choose the most efficient way and the most convenient solutions.
  • Creativity: By thinking outside the box, we find creative and tailor-made solutions.

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